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Packaging and Shipping Instructions
In order to ensure that we receive your laptop in excellent physical condition, it is imperative that you follow our packing and shipping guidelines below. This includes any accessories and hardware that you plan to ship to our service center:

1. You can buy FedEx Laptop box at any fedex drop off location and/or FedEx Kinkos. SEE FIGURE 1 for the instructions on how to use FedEx laptop box.

2. The packaging used to ship your laptop is critical. In order to protect your hardware, you must make sure that there is a space of 2 inches surrounding your laptop on all sides. To create this space, you may use bubble wrap or packing peanuts. You should then wrap your hardware in a protective material such as bubble wrap, and make sure that all empty space in the box is filled with a material like packing peanuts.  SEE FIGURE 2

3. Write Your Case ID Number Outside of the Box.

4. When shipping your laptop, purchase enough insurance to cover the full value of the package contents. Improper packaging will void the insurance.

5. When choosing a shipping company, choose a reputable shipper like UPS, FedEx or USPS. (the cheapest way to go is USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation). They will pick up the package at your home if you so prefer, or you may also visit any of their locations to drop off the package. If you do not have adequate packaging materials on hand, you may get the materials at the drop off location. Click on carrier icon to find your local drop off location.
ups - fedexdhl - usps

6. Just call us with your case number and we'll arrange to have your unit picked up and delivered to us by fully insured FedEx Ground service FREE of charge - Tel: 1.800.217.7671

Don't have a box to ship in? Just call us with your case number and we will provide you with a laptop box and pre-paid label for only $20.00 via FedEx Ground. Tel: 1.800.217.7671

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