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Laptop's Power Jack / DC Jack Common Issues

If you own a laptop, chances are that one day you will be happily working on a project and seemingly without warning your laptop will turn itself off – for good. Having experienced this myself, I can tell you that there is no other event in my work life that makes me feel so utterly helpless.

Something that you may or may not already realize is that power jack problems are the leading cause of laptop downtime and the most commonly reported hardware problem regardless of the laptop make or model.

Signs that your power jack may be failing include:

  • A flickering on the screen, which may indicate that your machine is alternating between running on battery and wall power. This may go unnoticed until your machine suddenly gives you a notice of low battery power just before it powers off.

  • The presence of the blue battery icon near the clock on the taskbar while the power adapter is connected.

  • A sudden move while the power adapter is plugged in causes the laptop to shut off without warning.

    When any of these problems begin to surface, it’s a good idea to check your backup status and to make copies of your files just in case you need to move to a desktop for a few weeks. Also, if you have any personal data that you would like to remove from the laptop, now is the time.

    You don’t need to rush out and have the machine diagnosed and repaired until the jack no longer works, but it is definitely a good idea to have it fixed as soon as possible.

    Power jack repair means different things depending on the make and model of your particular machine. It may be a simple replacement of the jack only, or it may mean a motherboard replacement for other laptops. Either way, the repair is definitely necessary if you intend to continue using the machine.

    The bad news… is that if your motherboard must be replaced in order to fix the power jack, the cost is almost always going to be prohibitive. And, because this problem is common it also tends to be recurring.

    The good news… is that there are service centers that actually specialize in making big repairs hassle-free for laptop owners. The secret is that these centers keep the parts necessary for making power jack repairs in a few hours so that you will only be without your laptop for a day or two! Sound impossible? To those who have used the major repair centers before, it probably does.

    800tech.com is one of the service centers that we recommend for power jack repairs, because they are able to make the repair for a flat labor fee and the cost of parts – keeping your charges within reason. They always provide an accurate quote prior to beginning work, and they guarantee their parts and labor for up to one year. The thinking is that if you are going to be faced with this problem, you should not be faced with ridiculous repair bills as well.

    If you are experiencing problems trying to keep your laptop charged, or you are experiencing shut downs or data loss, you should definitely investigate your options. And, don’t forget to back up your files and preferences.

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