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If you are like many laptop owners, there will come a day when you power up your laptop only to discover that your display is no longer working. The problem could be something as simple as a loose connection, or it could be that the bonding agent between the screen layers is just starting to wear away.

Or maybe instead of having a completely blank display, you are seeing a strange pattern of horizontal or vertical lines across the display. You have a few different choices for dealing with the problem.

First, if you only use your laptop at home or in the office, you can consider using an external monitor. This is one way to rule out video card problems, however many people who use laptops find the need for an external monitor too restricting.

The second option is to run software diagnostics in order to make sure that the problem is not software related.

The final option, and the most likely needed course of action, is to call technical support and to seek out a laptop repair center that can replace your damaged screen. Here’s what generally happens in situations like this:

You call the technical support number provided by your laptop’s manufacturer. In most cases, you will need to navigate through an automated phone troubleshooting system for thirty minutes or more until you figure out how exactly you can get a person on the other end. Once you do manage to find the option, you can plan to spend another half-hour on hold waiting for someone to pickup. If you are lucky, your call will not have been routed to a foreign call center, and the person on the end will speak perfect English.

The frustration that many callers experience is just expanded when they find out that you cannot just ask for a repair. You will first need to go through a battery of tests while on the phone with the representative, who may or may not know WHY they are asking to you run specific tests. After another half-hour of diagnosing your broken screen problem as a broken screen you will be told that it’s a hardware problem and that you should have the screen replaced.

It does not need to be this complicated. If you are experiencing problems with your laptop LCD screen, there is an easier way to get the machine repaired – even if it is under warranty! You have the option of finding another service provider to diagnose you problem and to make the needed repairs, without the hassle.

There are many laptop service centers that specialize in LCD repairs, and promise much better turnaround than manufacturer’s service centers. One provider that can repair LCD displays on nearly any make and model is 800tech.com. With their qualified and well-trained panel of expert technicians, they can diagnose your problem and will give you a full explanation shortly after your machine is received in their center. No repairs will be made without your authorization – however when you do give the okay you can expect that your laptop will be shipped back to you within 24 hours! This is virtually unheard of in the repair industry, but this company can make it happen because they always have the parts on hand to make your repairs quickly.

Don’t suffer from LCD display problems; contact a service center that understands how important your laptop is to you.

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