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Some Data Recovery Tips

Millions of people every year experience a laptop hardware or software problem that results in the loss of data. Fortunately, if you are among the many there is a very good likelihood that your data can be recovered. First off, if you have a quality, recent back up there may be less data loss than most people actually experience. If you are not lucky enough to have a back up at the ready, there are still options.

There are many high-quality software packages out there which will help you to recover data that is lost as a result of a computer virus or sector damage on your hard drive. Many of these software manufacturers specializing in data recovery packages offer free trial versions, so that you can determine what will work best for your situation.

These software packages may also come in handy when you accidentally delete a needed file by accident. Experts recommend saving your work and closing all applications as soon as you realize that you have deleted a file in error, and then recommend using one of the trial versions to see if you are able to recover the deleted file quickly.

If you have experienced data loss due to a damaged drive that has been dropped or otherwise physically compromised, the process will most likely require the assistance of a professional recovery service. Be aware that the process of recovering data from a damaged hard drive is extremely intricate and time consuming, and that the cost is definitely in line with the amount of work required.

If you have experienced lost data due to hardware damage, you will probably want to begin by talking to the manufacturer of your hard drive to see what they recommend for data recovery. You may be able to find this information through their website as well. Then, talk to several different service centers to discuss the damage to your drive and to ask if they believe that their services will help your situation.

Be sure to get a quote, in writing, before agreeing to send the damaged drive to anyone. Otherwise, you may end up spending significantly more than you want to and still not get back the data that you have lost.

We have done some investigations and price comparisons and the results of our research indicate that there is actually one company that has a reasonably good success rate with data recovery stemming from many different types of damage. NY-Laptop-Repair provides a high-quality data recovery service with very reasonable rates in comparison with other service providers. However, the best feature of their recovery service is online access to your data for up to two full weeks. You don’t pay a cent until you have verified your data with the technician who is working on your drive.

It is important to remember to always back up your data, so that in the event of a software problem or hardware damage you are prepared. However, if you do need a recovery service you need to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

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