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Data Recovery in Clean Room Labs

When you are evaluating possible companies for your data recovery needs, one of the most critical questions that can ask them is what type of clean room they have and if it meets Class-100 criteria. Class-10 is optimal, however Class-100 is the industry accepted standard.

So, what exactly is a clean room? Well, for one thing it is an environmentally controlled area which maintains a constant temperature and has a very strictly controlled level of humidity. The room will be lit from an external source, and there will be a very powerful ventilation system installed in order to remove any possible contaminants from the air.

There are three criteria that every clean room must exhibit in order to be considered acceptable:

1. No outside contaminants can be allowed into the controlled space.
2. None of the machines located in the clean room can result in the creation of contaminants.
3. If contaminants are found in the clean room, they must be immediately removed.

In order to keep the clean room free of contaminants, those who go into the space must wear protective clothing that prevents contamination.

Why is this it so important to maintain a clean room for data recovery work? Well, quite simply it is necessary to avoid the potential of introducing additional contamination to an already damaged media storage device or hard drive. This is particularly true for a device that has been damaged in a fire or flood.

This is because a damaged hard drive that is exposed to airborne contaminants can be rendered useless should the contaminants get onto the platters inside of the drive. If this happens, it will be nearly impossible for the drive head to work correctly and important data can be lost forever as a result.

If you are in need of data recovery services, you should definitely ask the companies that you are considering about their clean room technology. Ask how often their clean room is inspected and know that it should be inspected annually, at least. If a company is not willing to disclose the details of their clean room technology, you might want to consider working with one who does.

NY-Laptop-Repair is a leading data recovery provider, with a Class-100 inspected clean room that utilizes industry-leading technology in order to constantly monitor the quality of the clean room. All of the certified engineers and technicians are trained in clean room practices and wear appropriate clean room gear before ever coming into contact with your data storage device.

Don’t take chances with your data. You need to ensure the safety practices of anyone who will come in contact with your exposed data; otherwise you may end up losing any chance of recovering your lost data.

Now that you have an idea of what goes into maintaining a clean room, you probably have a better understanding of why data recovery is so costly for consumers. The price is definitely worth getting access to your lost data, and the better the technology the higher the chance that you will once again have access to your much needed data.

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